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Whois Online

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Description #

Whois Online is a tool that allows you to get information about various Internet resources, such as domain names, networks, IP addresses, domain registrants, or autonomous systems. Whois Online queries WHOIS databases to get information that you are looking for. WHOIS record contains human-readable information about the organization (or person) that owns or administers the queried resource and the associated contact information.

The most common use of WHOIS tools is to find information about domain names. The WHOIS database domain record usually contains a full name of the owner, a person or a company, their physical address, telephone contact, and administrative and technical email contact. The record also contains information about the domain status, its date of registration, the date of last record change and the date of the domain expiration. Although the WHOIS protocol is widely used, there is no standard for the format of its records and hence every WHOIS server can give you information in different format. The quality and the accuracy of the information provided thus depends on each WHOIS server provider.

The original purpose of WHOIS was to provide an open directory of domain owners but this have changed since the spam and other forms of abuse started to be unbearable. Today, subjects that own Internet resources commonly use various proxy services in order to protect their personal information from being publicly available. A domain proxy registration service company registers domains for its clients under its own name, giving only its own information to the public and protecting its clients' identity and personal information.

Usage #

Whois Online is simple to use. You just need to fill in the Query field and then click the "Whois!" button. Most commonly, the query will be a domain name. If you provide a domain name with subdomains, Whois Online will remove subdomains before asking a WHOIS database. The query can also be an IP address, in which case you will be given information about its network. You can also query other registered subjects such as domain registrars and registrants.

Limits #

  • Query – A second-level domain name for all top-level domains that allow Second-level domain registration such as .com, .net, .info, .org, .eu, .de, etc. Or a third-level domain for all other top-level domains such as .uk, .br, .au, etc. No subdomains, such as www, are allowed. You can enter IP address too.

Whois API #

API for Whois Online is available in Online Domain Tools API. For bulk WHOIS queries we recommend to use our Bulk Whois API.

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